Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

Freitag der 13. was erwarte ich auch????

Today I´ll write in english again. Sorry that I always post only this shit short Posts but I´m NEVER alone!!!!
I lost weight-again- I would lie if I´d say I´m not happy about it but I really don´t know how to fool the people around me.
And I really don´t want to play this games anymore, not with guys, not with 3 different lifes I try to play and act like five different persons. I´m in love, I´m so in love but this love is forbitten, not really forbitten but AGAIN I have to keep a secret and I feel tired and weak and don´t know what to do, this evening I have time to explain what exactly is the problem-I can´t say names as i told before but may you´ll understand my situation better then.

With love and STAY STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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